Personal Values



Power  of Values that Shape Our Lives

Each of us is motivated to move our lives in certain directions. That motivation is determined by the values we subscribe to. Our values are thus the formations and ideations of thought, the distinct formulations of understanding that express what we perceive to be important truths about life. These ideals are then reinforced by our emotions and feelings, which turn those mental perception into a vital passion that we hope to realize in our lives. Whether we actually make the effort to implement them is another matter.

Without values or beliefs, we would be mechanical-like beings, driven here and there by the vicissitudes of life. Without values, we would be creature-like, compelled to action solely by our urges and passions. In this inhuman existence, there would be little consideration for truths we hold dear, let alone implement them to ennoble and enrich our lives. In this reality devoid of values, we would live unconscious lives, without meaning or purpose. On the other hand, when we take to values, we live a purposeful and dynamic existence — i.e. we become truly human.

If we think about it, we will see that people relate to personal values in a number of ways. Thoughtful people are continually thinking about those things they cherish and believe in. Powerful people are also motivated and driven to implement them in their lives. In fact, the most successful people are constantly evaluating their values, and are continually driven to turn them into a living reality. For these individuals, values are an inexhaustible source of inner power that energizes them to no end; driving them to the heights of success, while bringing about deep fulfillment in their lives.

Interestingly, not only do values energize us, but when we implement them, it energizes everything they come in contact with A combination of values applied to a situation dramatically energizes circumstances, which not only increases the likelihood of success, but turns the interaction into an enjoyable, even thrilling experience. Thus, implementing values have an innate capacity to create more energy, accomplishment, and joy in living.

Values are actually a very special power in the universe. It is one our minds can grasp for the purpose of uplifting life. Values are actually spiritual skills — a divine gift that comes to us from the infinite Source of things. The highest of principles — such as Oneness, Love, Beauty, and others — descend from the heavens, and are reinterpreted as values by our minds. For example, the spiritual principle of Oneness is recognized by our minds as values of cooperation, integration, teamwork, and others. Likewise, the universal principle of Love expresses through values of goodness, selflessness, self-givingness, openness, tolerance, respect for others, and a number of others.

The last twenty-five years has seen an explosion in an interest in values. Tom Peters’ book ‘In Search of Excellence’ started the ball rolling for values in the workplace. Religious leaders speak of family values, nations speak of moral values, spiritual teachers speak of the highest values of gratitude, benevolence, and self-givingness; even self-surrender to the Divine. Values drive us, motivate us, move life, move us forward — enabling progress even evolution. Values are what enables life to take the Next Step — whether they drive our own individual lives in a positive direction; improve the economic, social, and cultural conditions of a nation; or move society forward in its never-ending ascending path of progress.

Tolerance, openness, respect for the individual, and teamwork are several great human values, while Oneness, Love, Beauty, and Truth are some of higher spiritual values that they derive from. At certain points, the human and spiritual values come together and blend into one another, expressing through spiritualized human values such as selflessness, self-givingness, and gratitude.

Values are expressions of emotionalized truths that when implemented energize whatever they come in contact with, enabling the greatest positive results with the least effort in the shortest period of time — whether it is for the individual, a collective, or society as a whole.

Values are the nexus to our future progress. It is the call of the Divine to the minds of men to seek a better life — to pursue ultimate delight and fulfillment in life.

Values are psychological objects. Although we cannot see or touch them, they are every bit as real as any physical object. People may dedicate their entire lives or even give up their lives to pursue their values, as so many loyal patriots have done fighting for values of freedom, equality and human rights during the past two centuries.

We all have values that determine our decisions and guide our lives. Those who value their individuality take responsibility, are self-reliant and act with self-respect. Those who value truthfulness cannot bring themselves to tell a lie. Those who value family or friendship sacrifice their personal interests for the good of others. Those who value goodness cannot bring themselves to do something they know is wrong. We express values in our relations with other people when we are loyal, reliable, honest, generous, trusting, trustworthy, feel a sense of responsibility for family, friends, co-workers, our organization, community or country. On a more physical level, we may place great value on cleanliness, punctuality, orderliness, accuracy, quality, and physical perfection in whatever we do.

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How a blog earns money while you sleep


How a Blog Earns Money while You Sleep

The Ultimate goal of any Online Business is to earn a Residual Income from your site or Blog. This means that whether you are asleep or on a vacation somewhere in beautiful France, your blog will still produce an Income and does not need your attention every day.

Once you have published certain information on your blog it becomes your intellectual property that can generate money, but it also generate streams of traffic to your blog. These streams of traffic will eventually become the source that help you generate multiple streams of Income.

If you have been in Internet Marketing or Online Business for more than a few days you will know that everybody says that the money is in the list. This is true, the money is in the list. When you drive traffic to your blog through Search Engines, Facebook, Advertising, Pinterest, Twitter and several other sources, you capture the names and email addresses of visitors from all over the world and add them to an Auto Responder service like AWeber, iContact or Graphic Mail. Once you have the names on the list, you can contact them as often as you like until they unsubscribe. If you supply your list with good content and care for them, it becomes a valuable asset in your business.

Once you have the list, you can send them mail with a good Blog Post that you have written, or you can mail them with an offer that you have on a product or service. Maybe you have special offers in your business, and this makes for the perfect opportunity to contact them. Always look for an excuse to contact your list.

Once you have build a good sized list, you can do joint ventures with other list owners. This is a very effective and fast way to grow your your business list. Let’s say you have 2000 names on your list, you look for another list owner with a similar size list in a different business. You each send out a special offer to join the other parties list. This way both lists will get lots of new names on it. With the new names you have plenty opportunity to sell them on your idea or product again or to simply build relationships. The higher the quality of your list and the better you communicate with them, the better the reaction will be on any offers you send out. Building a list is very much a give and take deal. Now you have a larger list and can do joint ventures with people with larger lists.

I find that building of relationships on either Facebook, Google, Twitter or any of the other Social Networking sites is very important. This will build your online business to a point where you can earn money from it while you are sleeping. The more valuable relationships you have, the more people will refer their friends and family to join your business. Word of Mouth has always been and will always be the best marketing tool.

The way you earn money while you are sleeping with your blog and your list is to have an effective sales funnel that will capture names to your list and then sell a product or service to the visitor while you are away from your computer. The secret of this lies in the fact that everything happens automatically and you don’t have to be around to assist. I like to deliver valuable service to my customers, therefore I will handle questions and inquiries as much as I can, helping people to understand the concept behind my business. The fact of the matter is that we only have so much time and energy to put out to other people. the more you can automate your site to make the user experience more valuable, the better for you and your customers.

With Empower Network we offer a sales funnel that can be plugged into any business, no matter what the nature of the business is. This makes it a great business to join. The fact that the sales funnels are extremely well optimized and designed, makes it the perfect tool. What I love about Empower Network, is the fact that it actually Empowers the user. It can take anybody with limited skills and help them build an online business in a very short time. You can concentrate on building your blog and your business while the rest are being taken care of.

The bigger your blog or online business grows, the more income streams you can add to it. The more income streams you have that runs on automated sales funnels, the more money you can make while you take that vacation that you always wanted.

Does it take hard work to build an Online Business? Yes it does. Especially when you start out and don’t see the results as first, but then the money starts rolling in, you can outsource some of your business tasks, you can buy advertising and grow your leads faster. Most of the Sales Funnels, sites and lists are up already and you can start relaxing. This is the point where you can publish your morning blog from a beach far from the rush, while everybody else hurry off to work

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Blog and Earn Money

How to earn money Blogging

Making Money from Blogging is most probably one of the most rewarding Online Businesses if you can get it right. The problem is that just simply start blogging without a plan for your business, will maybe get you lots of words on your blog but it wont make you money. In this post I am going to show you exactly what you need to do to make money with your blog.

The reason why blogging is so rewarding is because you can write about anything. If you are passionate about a subject you will have lots to say and you will easily write about it. You have to write everyday and you have to post original articles that people can’t find anywhere else. When you post original content, Google will start favoring your blog and will send you lots of visitors.

There are a few golden rules when building an Online Blogging Business.

1. Post Regularly

The more regular, you post, the more more visitors you will get and the more money you will make. Visitors are a very important factor in building a blog. The more reader friendly you make it, the more people will come back to your site again and again.

2. Use the Correct Platform

Choosing the correct Blogging Platform has a lot to do with your success. There are lots of blogging platforms, and each one has it’s benefits, but not all of them will help you make money online. I teach my students how to exactly choose the right platforms and how to combine them to ensure they get the maximum benefit.

3. Have a good product to sell

Finding a good product to sell is sometimes difficult with blogging because you don’t always get a perfect match for your subject. What the product is, is not as important as how wide an audience you have to sell the product to. The price of the product must also be just perfect. You can have multiple products to sell, if your sales funnel is properly set up.

4. Have a great Sales Funnel

The idea behind blogging is simple. You write a lot of blog posts. The more valuable posts you write, the more traffic you get from Google. When people come from Google to visit your site, they see your advert and are being taken to your sales funnel. Once in your sales funnel, you start selling them on your products. Because you have their information in an Auto Responder, you can sell them many times over.

5. Structure your system correctly

There are a number of things that needs to be in place like you blog platform, products, sales funnels, auto responders and so forth. Setting all of this up can be a pain, and this is where most people fail at blogging. Setting up the system and blogging regularly is most probably the the two most important factors in the entire business. With the Empower Network system we have a system that is developed in such a way that everything is setup for you, and you can simply log in and start blogging. I however teach my team the finer points and tweaking the system to get the best results.

6. Take Action

I get lots of leads on a daily basis and I talk to many people about starting their own blogging business. The one thing that will make sure that you don’t get anywhere is if you don’t take action. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to simply get in there, get the platform up, and start blogging. You can learn the tricks as you go along.

Author: Christo Fouche is a Web Developer and Online Entrepreneur teaching on how to create a Complete Blog Setup to Earn Money from Blogging using the Empower Network

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empower 7

Massive confidence

In many surveys over the years people were asked what is the single most valuable trait, value or virtue they wished they had. Confidence came out tops every time. Think about it, without confidence you don’t have motivation. Confidence is the one of the most important deciding factors relating success.

Confidence comes from knowing where you are going, remember the WHAT. In knowing where you are going you will be able to set goals and draft a plan to achieve them. You need to know where you are going in each area of your life, health, career, finances, family, social and spiritual. Then success breeds success the more you achieve your goals the more confident you become. Confidence will give you a positive self-esteem which will portray a positive self-image. The more confident you are the bigger your successes will be. With confidence there is no doubt you will be having fun in your life.

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Are you a Champion ?


Champions stand up when they can’t

Vince Lombardi one of the greatest football coaches in the word used the words “champions stand up when they can’t “. Everybody reaches a point in their lives maybe financially or relationships where they are knocked down “hurt” so badly that it seems impossible they would ever stand up and get out of the black hole again. It is that true grit, sheer will power and unflappable faith that makes you stand up when you are knocked down.

Every person and every sportsman gets knocked down many a time in their lives. It is the CHAMPIONS that get up the quickest. CHAMPIONS know that failure and pain is temporary, they know the tide will turn in their favour, they have practised to hard in their sport or life to give up, they are living their WHAT, they know part of the how is stumbling every now and again.

People that can’t stand up, have no WHAT in their lives, they just drift from one day to the next expecting to be hurt and knocked down at whatever they do. They have no goals and plans, their self-confidence is dented and success and the ability to get RICH eludes them all the time.

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Believe in yourself

empower 6

Is the reason big enough?

The biggest reasons people don’t get RICH or achieve what they want in life is because the reason is simply not big enough. You need massive MOTIVATION to set and achieve goals. If you are not self-motivated or your will power is not strong enough you need to quickly find ways to motivate yourself.

When do people make that final decision to get divorced, resign from their job or to stop smoking? When they have had enough, angry or hurt enough. If you are not angry, hurt or determined enough you will never get RICH.

Why does it take a car accident to happen before someone decides to wear a safety belt or for someone to get lung cancer before they decide to give up smoking.

Don’t wait until you are on the side of the road begging for money before you decide to get RICH.

So you want to get RICH, the only reason you might not be rich is because the reason is not big enough to get RICH. What if I called you at work one day and said I am a terrorist and have captured your family, if you don’t make a million rand “legally” in 90 days they would be executed. What would you do? My guess is that you will stop at nothing to make that million; failure would not be an option.

So whatever you want in life make sure the reason is big enough.

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Join the 1% Club

Why out of all the thousands of estate agents or insurance salesman in the country are there only a handful of successful ones. Do they get different training or opportunities? 99% of the time no. Then why do 1% of people succeed and 99% fail or just get by. There are a multitude of factors as we are and will continue to study in this program that put people into the 1% club

The main contributing factor is ATTITUDE. If you have the right ATTITUDE, you will be studying success, living your dream and forgiving yourself for your mistakes. You will have a set of written goals and plan on how to achieve them. The 99% club members are the people that have no goals, plans or direction in their lives. They are unhappy, depressed and unhealthy. They probably shouldn’t even be in the careers that they are in. Are you a 1% or a 99% club member? You will NEVER get RICH being a 99% club member

Success is just outside your Comfort Zone


Success is just outside your Comfort Zone

In many surveys over the years people were asked what is the single most valuable trait, value or virtue they wished they had. Confidence came out tops every time. Think about it, without confidence you don’t have motivation. Confidence is the one of the most important deciding factors relating success.

Confidence comes from knowing where you are going, remember the WHAT. In knowing where you are going you will be able to set goals and draft a plan to achieve them. You need to know where you are going in each area of your life, health, career, finances, family, social and spiritual. Then success breeds success the more you achieve your goals the more confident you become. Confidence will give you a positive self-esteem which will portray a positive self-image. The more confident you are the bigger your successes will be. With confidence there is no doubt you will be having fun in your life.

TASK 1– what are all the positive things you achieved when you were confident?